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Nine years, 20000+ hours, XCMG excavator shows durable

Views: 6     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2018-03-03      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

In 2009, Mr. Yang's hometown of Yichuan County Lu Dianzhen in response to the local government called on the ongoing large-scale power transformation project. The power of the village transformation of the relationship between the villagers electricity problems, strict requirements of the schedule, often 24 hours of continuous rotation of the situation, the equipment attendance, wear resistance is strict, but this time only an electrician Mr. Yang due to economic reasons , Hoping to find a cost-effective, but also to meet the requirements of the digging machine. Hesitated, XCMG entered his eyeliner. In order to make Mr. Yang assured, XCMG digging machine sales staff with him came to the site to personally try, "When I heard XCMG digging machine sales staff to explain, I think this product should be good after the trial found that it not only Cost-effective, but also dynamic enough to fully meet my needs, so do not hesitate to choose it.

XCMG crawler excavator at work.jpg

Facts have proved that XCMG excavator not only did not live up to Mr. Yang's expectations, and both in product quality, performance, efficiency, economy, service satisfaction, are far beyond its expectations.

In the summer of 2009, Mr. Yang in the hometown of Lu Dianzhen power transformation project, the first use of this XCMG XE60. In order not to delay the villagers electricity, his construction team overtime, this XCMG XE60 wore the sun, working more than 18 hours a day, the most intense schedule, or even continuous operation 30 hours. "I do electricity engineering, there are a lot of repair work, like this continuous operation of the situation is very common, whenever encountered this situation, I will choose this most let me worry about XCMG XE60." Mr. Yang proud to say : "At first bought this machine is a big reason to take into account the cost, it can have such a performance so that I was pleasantly surprised!

After the rain, the soil is also glowing wet, in order to repair the foundation as soon as possible, this XE60 excavator is tense construction. "I do this line for many years, and contact with many brands of excavators, or XCMG digging the most leather, you look at me this machine, with 9 years, now or Han are able to work." Every time I see this Section XE60 excavator, Mr. Yang's eyes will always reveal the slightest warmth: "If this digging machine as a person, then he is the whole of the youth are dedicated to me here." XCMG XE60 excavator in front of the distribution With the breath of the times, occasional scratches, whole body of the sludge covered the original color of XCMG gold, but also formed its unique "camouflage" color.

XCMG excavator.jpg

As a senior user of XCMG digging machine, XCMG digging machine is most satisfied with Mr. Yang, less failure, service in place, and with the tonnage of foreign brands compared to the annual fuel cost savings of about 20%, "less of the machine's failure With high attendance, the manufacturers after-sales service in place means that the machine did not worry about buying, the fuel economy so that I can save a lot of money every year. "Mr. Yang proudly said:" You do not look at my digging machine dirty, but Clean up the surface of the paint or glowing light, the state is very good, and then fight me 9 years no problem!

From the power grid transformation, to tap water, and then to the local water conservancy construction, village road construction, in up to 9 years time, this XCMG XE60 operating time to 20,000 hours or more, withstood the test of time. It shows the efficient and reliable, adaptable, excellent performance and other characteristics to win Mr. Yang's high praise and full trust, is a well-deserved not to destroy!

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