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One year over 5000 hours, XCMG large loader

Views: 3     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2018-12-13      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

The riverside port of a large-scale port group in Jiangsu is one of the busiest ports in China. It is located in Futian District in the Yangtze River Delta. Throughout the year, it is a busy scene. The location of Unicom’s Quartet makes the materials in port transportation increasingly diverse. All kinds of forests are one of the representatives. At the port berths, there will always be some “jumbo” timbers that cross the ocean and come from Africa. Therefore, the large tonnage clamp loader has always been the port of choice.

In a busy atmosphere, a "golden line" that is dazzling with the sun's halo makes the entire port more vivid. This is the "XCMG Clan" consisting of XWG's large tonnage clamp loader LW800KN. From afar, the blue sky, the Yangtze River, and the “XCMG golden” constitute the most beautiful landscape of the port.


Many years ago, the XCMG loader began to jump out of the "common frame, ore" transport "frame", in the gravel, stone, timber, waste and other special materials handling conditions, research and development. In-depth visits to users of various operating conditions, collection of demand, rapid conversion, repeated testing, multi-range, full-angle, great efforts to make the XCMG large tonnage loader has formed a strong market appeal, XCMG LW800KN clamp clamp loader is Among these outstanding representatives, the influence and conviction of the “XCMG” brand brought the port to be one of the earliest users.

It has been five years since the first XCMG LW800KN clamp loader settled in Zhangjiagang. The giant timber with a diameter of 2 meters and a length of 4 meters can easily be lifted by the XCMG LW800KN. With half a meter in diameter and more than 8 meters in length, he can lift a bundle of 4-5 pieces; Fine wood, 7-8 root is not a problem. The XCMG loader brought us not only lower equipment costs, but also improved the overall operating efficiency.


"The new aircraft to the post, an average of more than 5,000 hours of working time a year, this machine is really more durable and more tenacious." Master Sun master of the first LW800KN said.

With outstanding performance, the XCMG LW800KN has become the "nucleus" of the timber transport in the port. "The entire port, these LW800KN loaders, the oil that is added on weekdays is the best, and the oil at the time of maintenance is also the best. Who let these cars? It's a 'big pick'.” XCMG's loader service engineer successive worked with these machines from morning till evening and was also proud when they talked about them. In order to better serve the port, the monthly planner will also feedback the opinions and suggestions of the port to this department, and the department will conduct research and optimization.

It is XCMG’s R&D and manufacturing habits that come from users and then go to users to make the device more applicable and better.

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