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QAY650 lift the wind turbine generator

Views: 25     Author: Louis     Publish Time: 2017-08-19      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG leasing QAY650 large all-terrain crane with superior performance in Qingdao wind power installation project cut a striking figure. 86.1 m main arm + wind power dedicated super-arm, with 87 tons of balanced weight, in 16 meters to complete the multi-fan fan tower and cabin hoisting operations. Under the cooperation of XCMG leasing service team, the superior lifting performance and reliable stability of the equipment are fully demonstrated in the construction process of the project, which not only overcome the difficulties of the working environment, the complicated installation process of the wind turbine, Group progress requirements, with the cooperation of the transport team to achieve every 3 days to complete a 2.0 MW wind power group installation plan.


XCMG QAY650 all-terrain crane superior chassis performance of the wind farm rigorous terrain conditions and site space requirements are more adaptable, the new combination of balance weight and the cylinder from the top of the hook articulation mechanism, greatly enhance the disassemble efficiency. The lifting operation is stable and reliable, disassemble transitions efficient and convenient performance to win the construction side of the highly praised.

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