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XCA1200 super all terrain crane

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Since the global oil crisis took place in the 1970s, all countries in the world are constantly seeking energy resources that can replace fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. After years of research and practice, renewable energy technologies such as wind energy, hydropower and solar energy Gradually mature and large-scale applications. Among them, wind energy is one of the closest commercial renewable sources of energy besides water energy, and in particular, the trend of large-scale development and rapid development in China is becoming more and more obvious.


As the saying goes: only the weapon can do a good job.

At present, the problem facing the wind power industry in the world is how to complete the installation of all kinds of wind turbines on the onshore wind energy development in different topography. Due to the complex and diverse topography of our country, even the most advanced hoisting equipment in the world can not meet the demanding requirements of the Chinese market due to the problems of poor passing, large area of work sites, and low efficiency.

Efficient disassembly, transition technology, the festival is the cost, the increase is the returnXCA1200 all disassembly and transition technology are to respond to the complex scene of wind power and R & D, ups and downs in the rough road driving on both sides of the 16 wheels , You can adjust the tire height, while force. The company is located in:

Prior to this, the world's most widely used in the industry is a 6-axis drive, and this product for the first time to achieve 7-axis drive, and hydraulic and mechanical while providing dual-power, portable arm, super up, wind arm, Contains the transition, heavy-duty transition climbing ability to 38%.

After the construction is completed, only the main boom is withdrawn and the truss arm is folded back over the main boom to make the transition. Automatic folding wind arm structure, easy to dismantle the development time savings of at least 20 minutes. Boom disassembly without the need for ancillary lifting equipment during the entire process, 2 hours to complete the car, transfer efficiency increased by 20%, significantly reducing the cost of transition.

In the construction of petrochemical, bridges, steel structures and other areas hoisting, just replace the legs, increase the eighth arm. 8 section of the main arm of the total elongation of 102 meters, the real sense of a multi-purpose machine, "deformation" between, reflecting the efficient, XCA1200 only in engineering efficiency at least 5 million per year to achieve economic benefits.


Like a cloud dancer, draw its masterpieceIn less than a month, XCA1200 has easily completed the installation of 10 100-meter-high fan, 100 meters height, in fact, is still very easy to complete, this car The limit is 110 meters high and 90 tons weight.

How to do it if you do not have perfect skills

Impeller installation, is the most difficult part of the hoisting process. The length of each blade is 59.5 meters. The assembled impeller has a diameter of 120 meters and weighs over 60 tons, which is equivalent to the volume of three Boeing 787 large passenger aircraft. And to such super "aerial vehicle" to the 100 meters altitude, and 5-12 meters / sec irregular wind speed, accurate error within 5mm precision docking, test the crane's mobility.


XCA1200 high degree of intelligence. It can automatically select the optimal working condition from the preset tens of thousands of working modes according to the construction requirements. Greatly reduces the operational difficulty, as long as one person can easily operate this monster.

The XCA1200 all-terrain crane is another milestone in the innovation of China's super-lifting equipment. It is truly a globally original and technically unique 12-core patent that can be adapted to the challenges of the most demanding wind power construction environment.


XCMG, a world-recognized name, is even more a kind of spirit. It is precisely by observing the motto "Ketty's ingenuity," realizing the super-large-tonnage cranes technology from nothing to the world. After "the key technology is controlled by others Under the difficult predicament, it strives to create a legend and achieve success from the beginner to the creator. It truly contributes a world-class construction machinery brand from China.

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