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XCMG G generation truck crane’s intelligent boom control

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Since XCMG G generation truck crane came out, people on the G generation of high-end technology on the discussion has not stopped, G-generation crane original intelligent technology applications, designers have given a strong "wisdom", so that the operator labor to a certain extent, Highly liberated.

Should be the needs of our customers and friends, the operation of the smart boom technology applications for a detailed introduction.

At present, G-generation crane intelligent boom technology are: condition query technology, winch follow-up technology, amplitude compensation technology.


1. Intelligent boom technology interface selection

In the first display of the main interface, click the lower left corner of the menu button, in the pop-up menu, select the smart boom button, as shown in Figure 1, in the intelligent boom interface on the right side of the hoist with, amplitude compensation, Button for switching, as shown in Figure 2.

(1) Introduction to the winch function (currently equipped with the technology products XCT55L6, 90 tons and above G generation products)

Winch with arm head mode and ground mode two, arm mode refers to the telescopic (or amplitude) in the process of winding up and down the wire rope, so that the distance from the boom to keep the hook; ground mode is Refers to the telescopic (or amplitude) in the process of winding up and down the wire rope, so that the distance from the ground to keep the hook unchanged.

XCMG intelligent boom system (1).jpg

a, winch follow function use conditions

When the winch follow function is selected, the winch will follow the action when the telescopic handle is in action and the arm is unlocked (the arm pin is unlocked, the arm pin is locked, and the arm position). When the winch follow- Height limit, trigger three laps, the right handle before and after the direction is not in the middle (with winch movements), wireless selection open, fixed arm condition, overload, amplitude compensation function is turned on, etc. will automatically cancel the winch Features.

XCMG intelligent boom system (2).jpg

XCMG intelligent boom system (3).jpg

XCMG intelligent boom system (4).jpg

b, winch follow function

In the smart boom winch with the page, there are three buttons, as shown in Figure 2, the first button for the hook initialization button, used to initialize the rope rope length, the use of the method is to trigger the height limiter, select this Button, but to select the correct rate at this time, otherwise the calculated rope will lead to a long rope error. This button is only used when the length of the hook is less than the length of the arm.

The second button for the winch follower arm mode, the third button for the winch follow the ground mode. Click the button, will pop up a dialog box asking whether to activate the arm (ground) mode, select √, activate the winch follow, select ×, cancel the winch follow, the winch follow function is activated to the left signal , When the signal is green, that the winch follow function has been activated, the red is not activated.

(2) Amplitude compensation function profile (currently equipped with the technology products XCT55L6, 90 tons and above G generation products)

In the process of winding up (down), automatic control of the amplitude, to achieve the lifting hook crane deformation caused by changes in the amplitude of compensation, that is, in the win (down) through the automatic control of amplitude movements, to solve the lifting The process of deflection of the problem, to enhance the lifting accuracy, reduce the difficulty of manipulation.

a, amplitude compensation compensation conditions

The amplitude compensation function will be disabled under the following conditions. If the following conditions are triggered, the amplitude compensation function will be canceled.

1. Select the wireless function

2. The left handle has an action or the right handle has a direction of motion

3. Over the conditions

4. Vice arm conditions

5. Tower arm conditions

6. overload

7. Limiter failure

8. Winch follow function is on


b, amplitude compensation function

In the amplitude compensation function interface (Figure 3) click on the middle of the amplitude compensation button,

In the pop-up dialog box to activate the amplitude compensation function, select √, you can activate the amplitude compensation, select ×, then turn off the amplitude compensation.

Successfully activates the amplitude compensation, the light in front of the button turns green and is unsuccessful.

(3) conditions automatically recommended

(4) Step 1: Enter the job information according to the requirements of the hoisting operation, including: hanging weight, starting range, ending range and operating height (optional, not less than 5 meters);

Step 2: Click the bottom right corner to retrieve the button, note: in the search process, do not carry out other screen operations!

The recommended results are sorted by priority, up to 10 action codes are recommended.

Step 3: Click the corresponding action code, you can enter the corresponding performance table query page, the blue bar display area for the recommended vehicle configuration, click the lower right button again, you can achieve one-click configuration, no need to Other operations, you can complete the choice of working conditions!


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