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XCMG LNG wheel loader, heavy duty work for 12000 hours, save fuel cost 20million RMB

Views: 25     Author: Helen     Publish Time: 2018-01-25      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Remember that in 2015, the birth of the first single LNG loader? Of course, this by the XCMG to create a super large single - Qian'an Jiujiang Logistics Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Jiujiang logistics) one-time purchase of 120 sets of XCMG LNG loader, refresh the field of loaders multiple records, shocked the industry. After two years, to achieve the fourth procurement, what is so Jiujiang logistics so favor XCMG?

LNG loader-1.png

Excellent quality, with no damage

Jiujiang logistics first 120 sets of XCMG LNG loader has been working for 2 years, most of the current loaders have been used more than 12,000 hours, at least there are more than 8000 hours, and also in normal use. Initially, we expect the loaders to be up to 2 years, and now it seems at least two years. Jiujiang logistics deputy general manager Jiang Cuihua can not help but exclaimed.

Jiujiang wire under the coking plant is the highest frequency of the use of loaders, the driver three shifts, almost non-stop equipment. "Our coking plant business is busy, the driver is three shifts, the loader at least 20 hours a day Jiujiang logistics in our here there are more than 40 sets of XCMG LNG loaders, and now use 12,000 hours. XCMG LNG loader quality Really do not have to say, but also to ensure that our operating efficiency. Not only our driver, the company management is very satisfied with the XCMG loader. "For XCMG LNG loader, Jiujiang wire coking plant loader driver class squad leader Peng Li Yang full of praise, "I have a loader has been 12 years time, what brand of domestic contact, I feel XCMG is the best of their loader is not only excellent quality performance, and very user-friendly, light operation, comfort, maintenance is very convenient, Reduced the driver 's fatigue and reduced the driver' s workload.

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Fuel economy, immediate

According to Jiang Cuihua introduction, in recent years, Jiujiang logistics business volume is not due to the domestic steel industry downturn and reduce the situation, on the contrary is still rapid growth, the company has been increasing the transport vehicles, more than 100 loaders are also at full capacity Running. "XCMG is indeed the largest construction machinery brand, more than 2 years of cooperation, showing its excellent quality and high quality services, especially in energy saving and environmental protection, the future Jiujiang logistics and XCMG will work together to develop. "Our company's loaders are not affected by the weather, almost every day, 24 hours of work, in addition to the driver shift and daily maintenance, are working.Only from the fuel consumption side, after comparison, XCMG LNG loader than the previous diesel power loader to save more than 20% .To count, we use XCMG LNG loader fuel costs have been more than 20 million yuan, and LNG is clean energy, environmental protection effect is obvious.

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