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XCMG XE215D shining in Panama

Views: 9     Author: Linda     Publish Time: 2019-09-12      Origin: XCMG

On December 3, local time, the Panama City on the back of the sea was sunny and blue, and a large-scale comprehensive brand exhibition witnessing the joint development of China and Panama and the common development was grandly opened in the Altapa exhibition hall. XCMG Group brought four products to make a strong appearance, bringing a golden “Chinese style” to the beautiful American country Panama!

At the exhibition site, XCMG Digger star product XE215 is particularly dazzling.


The whole body is smooth and the color is strong, and the cab is spacious and bright. Inheriting the characteristics of “standardization, serialization, modularization, and generalization”, the XE215 not only has a “beautiful” appearance, but also has a “luxury” configuration. The whole machine adopts XCMG special low-speed high-torque engine and new control system, which realizes the reasonable matching of the dynamic characteristics of the engine and the main pump. The fuel consumption of the whole machine is reduced by 7% or less compared with the previous generation, and the working efficiency is more than 10%. The intelligent thermal management system, The engine and hydraulic system are always working at the optimal temperature; the cab is made of high-strength profiled column, the thickness of the safety frame is increased, and the 8-inch anti-glare large display is equipped as standard. The airflow of the new high-power air conditioning system is increased by 23%. The area is increased by 30%, and the operation is safer and more comfortable.

“China is awesome, Chinese products are awesome!” At the exhibition, foreign friends scrambled to take photos with this excavator called “Almighty King”, and occasionally praised.

XCMG crawler crane XE215D

Faced with the needs of global market differentiation, XCMG has launched a customized product portfolio of six overseas regions in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. On this basis, in view of the market characteristics of wet, mountainous, multi-forestry and port construction in Panama, XCMG excavator launched a more precise customized service through market research and field investigation: using large reduction ratio and high temperature sealed travel motor To achieve long-distance walking and load-bearing traction; use high-protection electrical connectors, waterproof level up to IP67, improve electrical system reliability; In addition, for the port hoisting operations micro-action requirements, developed a new spool, easier to fine operation . Not only that, but for the Panama mine with higher load requirements and faster crushing operation, more than ten related adaptive technology improvements have been carried out, and the product performance has been further improved, the vehicle movement is faster, more energy-saving and environmental protection, working conditions The positioning is accurate and the coverage is wide, which is favored by Panamanian users.

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