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XCMG complete sets of mining machinery straightening the backbone of Chinese manufacturing

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For a long time, domestic mining equipment has been monopolized by foreign brands, mining equipment has become a key factor restricting China's mining industry. Open-pit mine construction dust, heavy load, high strength, equipment almost all-weather operation, reliability, stability, advanced, comfort, safety requirements are extremely harsh. More than 100 tons of tub and excavator concentrated in the Carter, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr four of the world's top manufacturers in the monopoly of electric drive dumpers and very large excavator core technology at the same time, other countries to implement long-term technical blockade The Moreover, the mining machinery R & D costs alone need up to one billion yuan, time-consuming tens of thousands of hours, the development of great difficulty.

Xu Gong Group Chairman Wang Min proposed that large-scale open-pit mining machinery is a manufacturing high ground, but also to enhance the national mineral resources supply capacity protection, as a leader in engineering machinery, XCMG Group must take the lead in this area breakthrough, breaking the foreign brand monopoly National mine resources to provide the world's advanced security equipment.

比肩国际巨头 徐工成套矿山机械

Adhering to the "bear the big, the road, into the" core values of the XCMG, closely around the national strategy to break through innovation, invested heavily in the construction of the XCMG State Key Laboratory and the National Technology Center, to carry out core technology research, Machinery development and industrialization process, successfully developed 70 tons to 700 tons of hydraulic excavators, 40 tons to 360 tons of mining dump truck, 260 horsepower to 500 horsepower graders, 335 horsepower to 560 horsepower bulldozer, 100 cubic mine Sprinkler and other full range of products, to become China's only large-scale open-pit mine to provide complete sets of construction equipment manufacturers. 70 tons, 90 tons of mining excavator domestic market sales of more than 100, more than well-known foreign brands, the domestic market share ranked first.

In early March, in a number of indicators ranked the leading level in the country's large coal production enterprises in the coal Pingshuo Group East open pit mine, CCTV two sets of "feel Made in China" column group of lenses aligned XCMG XE4000 mining hydraulic excavator and XDE240 mine dump truck. XCMG XE4000 mining hydraulic excavator fuselage up to 8.5 meters, equivalent to the height of the three-storey, bucket capacity of 22 square, than 100 full of bathtub volume even larger. Compared to the mine used in the past, the excavator, XCMG 400-ton hydraulic excavator mining a wider range, greater pressure and crushing force, mobility and off-road performance better. 240 tons of electric drive dump truck capacity of 148 cubic meters, the tire diameter is equivalent to the height of two adults, the engine power to 2500 horsepower, and large passenger power comparable. This group in the industry known as the "mine hero" mine partner, 8 hours to complete the 10,000 tons of coal loading and transport, complete sets of advantages is extremely significant.

"We used to use foreign direct brand equipment, procurement and maintenance costs are very high.Using XCMG complete sets of mining equipment, found that the quality of reliable, high attendance, not only significantly reduced," said Zhao Yan, production manager of Pudong Shuo Group East Opencast Group, The use and maintenance costs, but also improve the quality and efficiency of the excavation.

比肩国际巨头 徐工成套矿山机械1

In the transformation of China's mining industry, XCMG seize the opportunity to replace the large-scale mining machinery localization, for the coal Pingshuo opencast mine provides 400 tons of mining hydraulic excavator, 240 tons, 300 tons of mining dump truck, and 560 horsepower wheel Type bulldozers, 350 horsepower graders and other sets of mine construction equipment. With high reliability, long life, low fuel consumption, high security performance, XCMG large-scale mining equipment to win the user's high recognition. In providing excellent products for customers at the same time, XCMG also tailored scientific and efficient mine mining construction practices and management methods, radiation and promote the transformation and upgrading of the upstream and downstream industries to help build green mines, safety mines, energy-saving mines, to improve China 's mineral resources development efficiency and level.

Not only in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Shanxi and other domestic mines were highly recognized, XCMG mining machinery products in the global market is also eye-catching performance. MMG is a well-known mining company in Australia, in the Southeast Asian tropical rain forest has a large copper mine, mine conditions are poor, hard ore deposits, dust, ambient temperature perennial at 38 degrees Celsius, the product quality and stability requirements are extremely high. MMG has been using Carter equipment for many years, in 2013 bulk purchase of XCMG mining excavators, put into use for two years has been more than 10,000 hours, the average daily work of more than 20 hours. Has always only trusted a well-known foreign brands MMG mine responsible person said: "XCMG mining machinery performance is very good, 90 tons of mining excavator attendance reached 91%, more than the previous use of foreign products. Made in China, people admiration! "

Looking around the world, more than 300 XCMG excavators helped Qatar World Cup venues and infrastructure construction, creating a large excavator export record in China; in the US high-end market, XCMG mining machinery and equipment to the outstanding reputation of the local fourth-largest rental company recognized To achieve strategic cooperation; in Africa, XCMG excavator to high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption to maintain the superior performance of the local market first; in Australia's tropical rain forest, Canada's arctic areas, XCMG mining machinery and mining machinery products continue to strong attack ... ... relying on reliable product quality and customized R & D improvements, the current XCMG mining machinery and mining machinery products have been exported to the world's 108 countries and regions, continue to lead the Chinese mining machinery industry to the global high-end forward.

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