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XCMG heavy truck sales grow in Malaysia market

Views: 12     Author: Kate     Publish Time: 2017-07-20      Origin: XCMG

November 9, XCMG organized activities in Malaysia, to promote the new domestic heavy-duty truck products, and strive to create "Made in China" in Malaysia, the new business card.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najibu shortly before to visit China, the two countries signed a total value of more than 2000 billion yuan cooperation agreement, which reflects the increasingly close political and economic relations between China and Malaysia. And this close relationship can not be separated from the vast number of Chinese enterprises in the Malaysian market pioneering work.


9, XCMG Group, Malaysia Fung Shing Group held an event in Penang to promote "Han Feng" series of heavy trucks. For the two companies of this cooperation, XCMG Group Automobile Division General Manager Luo Donghai half-jokingly said that his feelings like marrying her daughter, both excited and apprehension. This is because the two sides after a long period of patient communication to promote this cooperation. He said that XCMG chose Fengcheng Group is "the election of the people", and XCMG Group also to perfect the quality of the "things to do a good job," the mentality of the Chinese heavy truck brand in Malaysia started. He said: "As our Chinese enterprises to enter Malaysia, we must be on the local cultural environment, culture, including the corresponding laws and regulations we must be familiar with this is very important, because in China, in Malaysia is not necessarily Be applicable.


Malaysia Fengcheng Group is XCMG "Han Feng" series of heavy truck products exclusive agent. Fengsheng Group Managing Director Zhang Haixing said that the choice of Chinese brands, is out of the "Made in China" product confidence. He said: "Chinese trucks have come to Malaysia for eight years, the guests are holding a skeptical attitude: Chinese car, ok? Until today we can say that the Chinese car has been successful. Many guests can accept. The car in the quality of performance are very good, is first class, so the guests of the Chinese car doubts have completely disappeared.

Users are also full of praise for the performance of heavy-duty trucks in China. On the 9th day of the event, a Malaysian truck driver proudly talked about the "Hanfeng" brand truck he had just bought. He said: "The car is very good, very comfortable to open up, very powerful. The car is really good with the European car expensive, Chinese car cheap, and easy to use!

For consumers on the "Made in China" attitude changes, Malaysia, "China News" senior reporter Liu Junbao very touch. He said that consumers have had to wait and see, but in the end, "Made in China" to establish the quality of the image to dispel their doubts. He said: "Now the 'Made in China' is not the same, it is towards the international level of development, so whether it is a car or machinery have a certain level, can be very safe to use.For example, if it is made in Germany, Then its economy can not meet our requirements, because it is really expensive, while the Chinese manufacturing is cheap, and economic, there are standards.


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