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XCMG wind electric all terrain crane XCA450/550/1200

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To ask XCMG "G generation" crane is the most bright star who is, it was undoubtedly XCA450 / 550/1200 wind power dedicated ground cranes, Xiao Bian claimed that they are "wind power Three Musketeers"!

If the "G generation" compared to the super fleet, then this "wind power Three Musketeers" can be compared to the fleet of aircraft carriers. Whether it is from the tonnage of wheeled cranes, from the weight, or high technology, product status, etc., XCA450 / 550/1200 in the G generation of products is undoubtedly the most high-end, the embodiment of top technology.

Wind power industry "thirteen five" prospects attractive

As an important emerging energy industry, wind power industry in recent years by the national level of key support. The market generally predicted that the "thirteen five" period, the wind power installed capacity of more than 80 million kilowatts or more, according to land-based wind power investment 7800 yuan / kWh estimates, "thirteen" during the total investment in wind power construction will reach 700 billion yuan.

It can be seen that China's wind power construction is in the rapid development of the "golden period", and the whole ground crane to transfer fast, long distance driving and other advantages have become the preferred construction of wind power construction equipment.

Next, we take a look at XCMG "wind power three swordsman" What are the housekeeping skills:

The same time as

Swordsman one: XCA450 arm sword to the brilliant, chic passionate!

It talent different Bing, long sleeves dance. As a new generation of X-generation wind power series all-terrain cranes, XCA450 all-terrain crane ride brave warfare, in 1.5-2MW class of wind power equipment maintenance hoisting field won the "generalist" wide acclaim. XCA450 using a new research and development of large tonnage crane single system, making the power transmission is more simple, machine layout optimization, the main arm performance to the industry 500 tons level.

Swordsman II: XCA550 Sword thousands of miles, ride Jiuzhou, Jianfeng refers to the pneumatic mountains and rivers!

It is famous, the world famous, XCA550 all-terrain crane where the hook, hook up, hook off successful, it is particularly good at 1.5MW-2MW wind power equipment installation and other projects for small and medium-sized fans to provide a strong overall lifting The protection. As the industry's first 550-ton seven bridge products, XCA550 reached the ultimate level of seven bridge products, through XCMG's leading dual-power drive, to achieve five-axis drive, heavy load transition climbing capacity of up to 35%, can be described as industry overload The strongest transitions.


Swordsman three: XCA1200 a ride away, the king style, want to embrace the sky, iron bones!

It is a new generation of XCMG heavy-duty wind power dedicated crane, Kong Wu powerful, stable and resolute, not only proficient in 2.5MW and below the fan equipment installation, but also on all types of traffic through its capability, in the wind power industry is quite king style. XCA1200 subversive design is the chassis optimization, eight bridge chassis can achieve all round steering. The key to the chassis technology is the design of the oil and gas suspension system and the multi-bridge steering system, both of which are unique to all-terrain cranes. XCA1200 in the early days of the Budapest in Guangzhou, the United States and the United States, the establishment of its own sound, reliable and efficient style of the king


In addition to the above description, this "wind power Three Musketeers" What are the "tall" features?

Xiaobian that XCA450, XCA550, XCA1200 XCMG Machinery Division closely around the "high-end into the" strategic objectives, with great concentration on the upgrading of customers in the new era of transformation and upgrading needs, one by one to overcome the "smart, energy saving, lightweight, "And other key technologies, and after rigorous, meticulous high-end testing and testing after the introduction of new products. They have the following common features:


Human-computer interaction experience the industry's highest quality

XCA450 / 550/1200 cab and control room device layout more ergonomic principles, display information is also more complete and rich, interface planning clarity and interactive friendly to the car level: the cab 12.3-inch large mirror true color display Screen, the screen is clear, the texture is extremely strong; the industry's first knob control mode, the operation is more simple; control room in addition to dual 10.4-inch touch screen, and the industry's highest quality dustproof waterproof contact button, compared to the industry used in the film Button, contact key to maintain a longer life.

XCMG XCA450 all terrain crane.jpg

"Driving intelligent control" technology is safe and reliable

XCA450 / 550/1200, not only has the surging power, but also has a flexible small turn mode, efficient crab driving and super driving ability, all-round interpretation of what is "driving intelligent control", and has a vehicle suspension Lifting and automatic leveling function, not only for the culverts and other high road conditions, but also to adapt to road conditions protruding more complex conditions, so that vehicles running unimpeded. Automatic leveling function of the vehicle, only a key to achieve the vehicle's automatic leveling, can detect the vehicle driving process of the force, but also extend the life of the vehicle.


Efficient transition modeling unique

XCA450 / 550 with efficient transition, industry-leading. They are designed with a new concept of transition from the industry, the balance, the balance from the disassembly system, can be realized from the disassembly, no service vehicles, can quickly enter the state from the state of operation.

XCA1200 only 8-axis can drive up to 205 tons of body, bridge load are within 26t; road driving state control within 12t.

Equipped with XCMG unique speed ratio reducer bridge hydraulic drive, six bridge mechanical drive + hydraulic power drive mode, portable main arm, super-up, wind power arm, front and rear leg heavy load transitions, heavy transitions climbing ability Up to 38%, independent suspension chassis, pavement adaptability, increased by 30%.


After the construction is completed, only need to recover the main arm and re-folded truss arm above the main arm, you can transition. Automatic folding of the wind power arm structure, easy to dismantle the development time to save at least 20 minutes. The whole process of arm disassembly without auxiliary lifting equipment, 2 hours to complete the car, turn efficiency increased by 20%, significantly reducing the cost of the transition.


Intelligent boom technology: intelligent, high efficiency, stable action

XCA450 / 550/1200 sets of operating conditions automatic planning, automatic amplitude compensation, winding servo function of the flexible boom technology in one, with the industry starting to achieve the level of home car maneuver control system, breaking the traditional crane control Concept, to achieve more advanced engineering machinery products intelligent operation experience.


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